Fear – Lose it and Change Your Life


Fear of failure. Fear of regret. Fear of society.  Fear of success (more common than you think). All of us have faced these ginormous phobias. For some of us these are petrifying, and our life comes to a standstill.  There is an endless list of fears that the human mind faces, as awareness rises so do its repercussion. When we hug our fears close to us we end up cocooned by our comfort zone, probably never mustering the courage to even think about what we want because it seems so out of our reach. But when we free ourselves of these fears, we soar high and touch the unexpected. We all have goals and aspirations. In this cruel world we can’t expect that all our ideas be brought into existence, however a half hearted effort does guarantee a 0% chance of success.

It’s simple to write/ think about our fears. In our heart of hearts everyone knows their shortcomings, but it takes courage to admit to one’s self that one is wrong and that there is only fear that’s holding one back. However this herculean step is only half a step toward breaking the chains of fear and self doubt.

The first major step is to choose to break free from these chains and keep on flying. Sometimes life gives you lemons. You have 2 choices – turn these lemons into fruits of labour or lead a sour life dunked in the lemon juice of life. Taking the less trodden road makes all the difference to setting you apart from the crowd. Choose to conquer your fears and feel the difference in you, or live with regret all your life because of that one choice you weren’t strong enough to make.

The second greatest step is identifying the road to success. Chalk out a plan that would get you to your goal and stick to it. There would be hiccups, troubles and unforeseen problems on the way. Just hold your head high and work hard toward your goal with a singleminded focus. You are what you believe. No one knows you as well as you know yourself. Society would proclaim to know best, but it really doesn’t.

The third step is to keep trying till you reach the altar where you cut the cake of success. This  altar is the place where you’ll realize that you have left behind parts of your life in your quest for success, however you also get to celebrate the fruits of success. This is the best present you could ever give yourself which far outweighs the sacrifices that you have fed the fires of hard work and passion. Great sacrifices must be made to touch greater heights, such is the universal truth of life. The relief, invigoration felt after achieving what you wanted is second to none. After all everyone’s goal is the same – to be happy.

Did you think your journey ended there? Far from it! You are yet to reap the rewards of your hard work. You are yet to understand the new person that you have become. You are more confident, more decisive and have started to love life in a way you have never before. You have opened new horizons for yourself to explore. You have given yourself the greatest gift you ever could give anyone. You are self-accomplished and happy – the sole essence of life. From here starts an inspired life. This is only the beginning.


Published in The Inner Voice column of Hindustan Times on September 3, 2016

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